🚀 Live

Agency Loft (sold)
Agency RFP service and directory.

Sick Day Box
Everything you need for a sick day at home, from chicken noodle soup to a thermometer.

Pitch And Poll Bot
DM a pitch and have it ranked by founders.

Press Kite
Free and simple press kits for startups.

💻 In Progress

Office Unbound
A resource for remote workers.

👻 Deprecated

Stockframe (closed)
License any video clip, image or music sample.

Century Light Media (closed)
Boutique creative agency.

No Free Work (zombie)
Personal blog about freelance life.

🤷🏼♂️ Never Launched

Film and TV Production News. Built in Meteor, data fed by RSS.

Must Love Plants
Product reviews of plant-based foods.

All Dem Protests
Organizing protests and rallies.